grenadier guards association Manchester

1656 - 2006   350th ANNIVERSARY.

The years functions commenced with the Manchester Branch Dinner Dance

 on 8th April at our usual venue Buile Hall Banqueting suite,

 with over one hundred and thirty sitting down to dinner,

 a good night was had by all.

Saturday 8th April also saw the Grand National Draw

 take place at the Royal British Legion Lower Broughton. 


 The winners being   1st Mr Ian. England Manchester. 

 2nd E. Cassidy  Lancaster.  

 3rd W. Kirkham Barrow in Furness (for the second year running)

 4th D. Dunn  Manchester. 

 Sadley our promoter John Cadman passed away a few weeks after the draw,

      John will be greatly missed.

Black Sunday


and the Buckingham House Garden Party.




Fifty members of the Branch traveled by coach

 staying at the Copthorn Hotel Slough,

a great number travelled under there own steam

 in order to attend these two memorable functions. 


Some of are members returning to Barracks from the Guards Memorial

 on Regimential Remembrance Sunday 2006.



His Royal Highness Prince Phillip, The Colonel,

on walk about after the Service at the Guards Chapel

 on Regimential Remembrance Sunday.


Above is a Grenadier Guards  Musican

 who didn't mind having his photo taken. 




 The Grenadier Guards Band Marching.




Photo of  three members of our Branch, 

 left to right are Tony, Jimmy and Mick.

Outside the Guards Museum on Black Sunday.



                Saturday 8th July. 

 Freedom  of Manchester March through the City of Manchester. 


  The March saw the shopping areas of the City brought to a standstill,

 by the Regimental Band followed by an imaculate Nijmegen Company,

cadets and over one hundred and twenty five ex Grenadiers. 

 The City laid on a reception in the Town Hall after the march,

 with  a traditional Rusholme curry and no shortest or beverages,

The Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Glynn Evans hosted this occassion

 and  voiced his admiration of the Regiment and the long standing ties to the City. 

All serving members and visiting branches were invited to our meeting place

 at the Royal British Legion, Lower Broughton for a Social Evening on the Saturday night.

 The staff at the Legion wondered what had hit them with over Two Hundred attending the festivities.

 Ben and four of the boys from the band played dance music in the main Hall,

others got a Karaoke  going in the lounge, some of the serving lads were playing  the old boys at snooker. 

 Buile Hall provided us with a scrumptious buffet what a great night it turned out to be. 




 Grenadier Day Heaton Park 9th July 2006.

Grenadier Day commenced with the Drumhead Service at Heaton Park. 

 Around 10 - 20 the Red Arrows flew over it was only the early visitors that saw them. 

 The Household Musical Ride was extremly popular with everybody,

as well as there horse's when they were walking among the visitors.

Although the Branch Stalls were a little further away from the arena than we would have liked

Manchester had a good day with the sale of Branch goods, thanks to all who assisted,

particulally Dot, Molly, Tommy, Sheila, Linda and Eunice. 

The weather on the day was unfortunatly gave everyone a true Manchester welcome.

We had beautiful sunshine a week earlier and a week after the event. Sey La Vie.



Once more a full coach departed from Manchester on the Thursday.

 The regiment performed magnificantly  on the Friday evening,

the arms drill was superb, the band were a credit to the regiment in spite of the depleted numbers.

The Belgians fielding twice the musicians.  Saturday saw the march through the City of Bruges,

again a fantastic performance, their were a couple from  Holland who delayed their return home just to be present,

 they came from Arnhem. The concert by the bands, apart from the cockup over tickets,

 again a very memorable wonderful experience with, at one stage,

over a hundred musicians on stage.





     12 November 2006. 


Members of the Guards Associations Paraded, as the Household Division,

commanded by.   Brigadier A.G. Ross  OBE Scots Guards. 

 The Pipes and Drums of the Scots Guards Association

headed the contingent up Peters Street to the Cenotaph. 

 Wreaths were laid on behalf of Regimental Associations by,

 Tony Jennings Grenadier Guard. Donavon Smith ,

 Scots Guard and Keith Nuttall Coldstream Guards.

 The years rolled back, aches and pains forgotten and an impressive display of Marching and Drill given.

  Thanks to all who attended.   Our Wreath read as follows

                    Grenadier Guards

                     1656 - 2006.

             350 years of Service and Sacrifice  

               for Crown and Country. 

                    Let None Be Forgotten

                        In Remberance.




 Jack Byrne our Standard Bearer prepares for action assisted by Phil.



Phil and Tony greeting before the parade.













Manchesters Members prepare for the Parade.











Saturday 2nd December 2006.


Christmas Dinner Dance.


The venue was once again Bulie Hill Park Banqueting Suite.

 An excellent 5 course traditional Christmas Dinner

was enjoyed by some 120 Ex Grenadiers, their wives and guests.

  One lucky lady won a supply of spirits and wine for Christmas in the envelope draw.

Four of our girls were presented with Bouguet's for their sterling work year in

 and year out on the Manchester Stall during Grenadier Day,

what would we do with-out our wives on these occasions.

The bar did brisk buisness and everybody seemed to enjoy the evening.

Thanks again to the organisation of Hayden Hooper ( Social Secretary) 

 Ivor Williams (Secretary) another success.







Above  Ivor, Sheila, Molly and Eunice.






Above is  Mr Ivor Williams,

 making  the Presentation of a G10  Watch to

Cadet Sgt Major D.Cosgrove of Broughton Detactment ( Grenadier Badge)

to mark his acceptance into the Regiment, by menbers of the Branch,

 he joins the training Battalion at Cattrick early in the new year.









Above is Cadet Sgt Major D.Cosgrove with his mother and Mick.




 above is   Harry, Mick, and Mick's daughter Kim.











Above is Harry and Sadie.



This brings to a close a very busy 2006.  

 May we take this opportunity  to wish you all