grenadier guards association Manchester

                          Grand National Draw

                 APRIL 11th    2010


 01  Madison Du Berlais  3501  P  Quinn
 02  Mon Mome  3550  K  Reeves
 03  Viv  Venturi  3620  W Renfrew
 04  Black  Aplachi  4916  N  Fish
 05  Joe Lively  0099  D  Roberts
 06  Don't Push It 4858   J Bullock
 07 Comply Or Die  0016     Davies
 08 Tricky Trickster  2831 J   Kerr
 09  Niche Market  4952  D Hudson
 10  Made In Taipan  1985  E Harrison
 11  Dream  Alliance  4829  J Thompson
 12  Cloudy Lane  1314  P Critchley
 13  Nozic  2141  G S Hill
 14 My Will  1362  Dunn
 15  Pablo Du Charmil  2359  L Ingham
 16  Ballyholland  2964  P Mountjoy
 17  Backstage  2747  B Jackson
 18  Beat The Boys  3556  E Reeves
 19  Priests  Leap  3995  J Taylor
 20  Snowy Morning  3607  JR Middleton
 21  Can't Buy Time  2539  K Riding
 22  Big fella Thanks  4217  E D Halliway
 23  State Of Play  1544  Ivor
 24  Character Building  2834  J Kerr
 25  Ellerslie George  2647  Dawn V
 26  Eric's Charm  2754  V Collins
 27  Kings Johns Castle  1107  Davies
 28  Conna Castle  2652  Sam O /N
 29  Ballfitz  1058  Cowlishaw
 30  Ollie Magern  0921  M Cottrell
 31  Arbor  Supreme  4205  R Walker
 32  Maljimar  1016  B Cuerden
 33  The Package  0921  Daley
 34  Piraya 4284   P Wilds
 35  Irish Raptor  2066  A Hamilton
 36  Mr Pointment  1925  C Hickey
 37  Palapso De Creek  4023  B Taylor
 38  Hello Bud  3451     Power
 39  Flintoff  4193  R Walker
 40  Abbeybraney  3504  P Quinn




 NO  Ticket  Horse  Name  Prize
 06  4858  Don't Push It  J Bullock  400
 04  4916  Black Aplachi  N Fish  200
 23  1544  State Of Play  Ivor  150
 22  4217  Big Fella Thanks  E D Halliway  100











                    Annual Dinner Dance

      24th  April 2010.    


The first social event of 2010 was a resounding sucess with 84 of us sitting down to a wonderful meal at

Buile Hill  Park Banqueting suite,

 we hope that all the other events are as good this year.

  Our special thanks to Lt Richard Hutton who at 48hrs notice stepped in as our guest speaker,

giving a very imformative and enlightening account of life on the ground with No 2 Company in Afghanistan.

Jim our DJ turned up even though jet lagged after being stuck in Canada with the flight ban.

As always he gave us a good selection of music to suit all tastes.

we raised 84.00 on the envelope draw which along with a donation from the branch will go to the Colonel's Fund. 

452.00 came from the raffle, thanks to the genorousity of those attending. Again thank you to all.

Eunice was presented with the Inkerman Cup and flowers for her work on the website and the Grenadier day stall.

We now look forward to the Royal Windsor Tattoo and Remberance Sunday on the 15/16th May.

There are still 4 seats on the coach if you wish to join us.






Presentation of new colours   11th of May 2010.



Four of us were fortunate enough to recieve tickets when her Majesty presented

New Colours to the 1st Battalion on the lawns of Buckingham Palace.

Although   bitterly cold it stayed dry.

The Battalion marched on to 'Soldiers of the Queen ' from there the parade

just got better and better. both the Arms and Foot drill were, as we would expect

Immacilate, as one would not know these lads had just spent six months in hell.

 Congratulations to all on Parade.





The Queen paid tribute to the families of Grenadier Guardsmen killed fighting in Afghanistan

and comrades wounded in action as she presented the regiment with new colours








The Queen steps out of Buckingham Palace before presenting new colours to the Grenadier Guards

in the palace gardens.

She paid tribute to the families of Guardsmen killed fighting in Afghanistan and comrades

wounded in action as she formally handed over the 1st Battalion's symbolic flag.



Windsor Tattoo and Regimental Remembrance Day. 15th - 16th May 2010.

Yet another week-end spent in great company when Thirty Nine boarded

the coach from Rochdale, Manchester, Stockport. for what turned out

to be an eventful trip. After an early meal at the Copthorne Hotel we made

our way to the Royal Windsor Tattoo.  Spectacular is the only word to fit the

Military Precision and Proffesionalism we witnessed.

All Three Services were well represented, every Man & Woman appeared

to give 100%.

Without dought the Guncarriage teams stole the show. Her Majesty and Prince Phillip

seemed to enjoy the evening.

Sunday was a trip up to Wellington Barracks and the Guards Chapel for our

Regimental Remembrance Day, which was particulary poinient with the Battalion

having just returned from Afghanistan. Our thoughts are with those killed and

wounded and their families.


Monday  having had a hearty breakfast at the Copthorne we embarked for the 

 National  Arboretum in Staffordshire. regretably names are still being added

on almost a daily basis. we are glad to say since our last visit the

new Household division Memorial has been added, and is quite impressive

a Wreath was laid on behalf  of the Branch and a donation made.

Thanks to all who supported the event it was a great week-end.

Roll on Grenadier Day Week-end,  there are still places available

contact Tony on 0161 236 6720 day. 0161 487 4062 evening.






Grenadier Day 


littlecote 2010


This was a great disapointment due to the location being miles from anywhere,


hence attendence was down, the grounds and teraine were totally unsuitable for


the infirm. Our takens for the day were some 300.00 down than in the last 10yrs.


Fotunatley the weather was good and we was all able to top up our tan.













Christmas Dinner Dance

Saturday 11th Decenber 2010.

Phew  what a relief, our change of venue proved to be a

resouning succes 68   of us sat down to a delicious meal.

The room was superbly laid out and decorations with baloons and crackers,

party hats and novelties all at no extra cost. 24 of us stayed overnight in clean

and comfortable rooms, with full English breakfast on Sunday morning.

Needless to say we have rebooked for December 10th 2011.

There is   correction to the quick count on the raffle we raised 324.00.

Thank you all for your generios support.

We would like to wish every one a Happy  Christmas and Prosperous New.