grenadier guards association Manchester

Grand National Draw 2011

I must apologise for the lateness of the information being put on the website,

I have been away on a works holiday,

 I did ask the secretary to put the information on but he didn't.


 NO  Horse  Ticket  Name
 01  Don't Push it  0490  TW Taylor
 02  Tidal Bay  2359  J Parks
 03  What a Friend  4373  D Beckley
 04  Vic Venturi  3757  A Close
 05  Majestic Concorde  3460


 06  Or Noir De Somoza  4385  Irene Bates
 07  Dooneys Gate  4962  David Cohen
 08  Big Fella Thanks  3449  Davies
 09  The Tother One  1041  David Pugh
 10  Ballabriggs  2616  Jimmy H
 11  The Midnight Club  2337  K Marsden
 12  Niche Market  2820  G   Garland
 13  Silver by Nature  2127  I Merrimen
 14  Backstage  3388  Dearden
 15  Chief Dan George  4901  Anna Reed
 16  Calgary Bay  4198  Maureen Organ
 17  Killyglen  1237  Eddie Oneil
 18  Oscar Time  3889  E Cassidy
 19  Quintz  3196  G Edge
 20  Becauceicouldntsee  3955  T Callon
 21  Comply Or Die  3881  E Cassidy
 22  Quolibet  3961  Tomasz Krupinski
 23  Grand Slam Hero  1049  S Pugh
 24  State Of Play  2720  R Johnson
 25  Kling Fontaine  2333  R Horner
 26  In Compliance  2144  C Jackson
 27  Hello Bud  2111  Tony J
 28  West End Rocker  3052  P Derbyshire
 29  Santa's Son  0804  Bob
 30  Bluesea Cracker  4775  Burgess
 31  That's Rhythum  1007  Ben Quinn
 32  Surface to Air  0931  Ian Reeves
 33  Piraya  4132  S Brookes
 34  Can't But Time  2850  T Robertshaw
 35  Character Building  4536  J Thompson
 36  Ornais  4739  D Cottrell
 37  Arbor Supreme  0278  S Whittle
 38  Royal Rosa  1683  Manlove
 39  Skippers Brig  0930  Kevin Reeves
 40  Golden Kite  4736  T Burn




Winning Tickets

 1st    Ballabriggs  2616  Jimmy  H.  £400.
 2nd   Oscar  Time  3889  E Cassidy  £200.
 3rd    Don't Push It  0490  T W Taylor  £150.
 4th     State Of Play  2720  R Johnson  £100.


Also Finished


 5th  Niche Market

 6th  Midnight Club

 7th  Big Fella Thanks
 8th  Surface to Air
 9th  Skippers Brig
 10th Backstage
 11th King Fontaine
 12th  Silver by Nature
 13th  In Compliance
 14th  Bluesea Cracker
 15th Character Building
 16th Golden kite
 17th Chief Dan George
 18th Royal Rosa
 19th Piraya

Horses That fell.


Thats Rhythem.

Vic Venturi.

The Tother One.

Grand Slam Hero.


Can't Buy Love.

Dooneys Gate.


Horses Brought Down.

Or Noir De Somoza.

West End Rocker.





Tidal Bay.

Majestic Concorde.

Arbor Supreme.



Pulled UP


What a friend

Comply Or Die.

Hello Bud.

Santa's Son.


Thank You for your contining support buying the tickets

especially during these hard times.


                     Manchester Grenadier Guards Association's

                       Dinner Dance.

The first social event of 2011 was a resounding success with 57 of us sitting down to a wonderful meal at

Buile Hill  Park Banqueting suite,

Unfortunately due to the dinner coinciding with the Easter holidays numbers were down,

Also  we were unable to have a representative from the Regiment.

Mr Birt Feltham was presented with a pair of lead Christal brandy glasses engraved with the Regimental cypher. 

Birt joined up just before his 18th Birthday.

The only way he could join the Guards was as a regular for 12 years –

he signed for four years’ service and eight on reserve

 on December 1943 and was in Khaki on the 14th January  1944.

 He trained at Caterham and Windsor -

fond memories at Windsor but experiences at Caterham would fill a book

 (which he is in the process of writing!)

He met King George VI and Queen Elizabeth and also the then Princess Elizabeth at Windsor

and often regales us with stories about them.

He did training at Goodwood Race Course and at Hawick in Southern Scotland

 on a toughening up course before going to Italy in the mountains.

 By the time he had finished his training Amzio had fallen.

 Germany was next and the regiment fought its way into Berlin.

 During the fighting,

Birt was hit in the eye with a bullet which knocked him out

and he was rolled over into the ditch for dead –

but woke up a little later none the worse.

Having learnt German at school,

 he was able to interpret and obtained a transfer to the Military Government.

After sometime he got bored and wanted to become an Officer so applied to his old Battalion –

he never managed to get a Commission in the Guards

 but finished his service in the Royal Artillery and spent the rest of his service in India and Hong Kong.


Mrs Feltham was presented with a bouquet  of flowers.


This year the Inkerman Cup went to Mrs Norma Fish,

for her continued support of the branch, and her assistance each year on the stall

on Grenadier Day. Norma also received a bouquet of flowers.


The Envelope draw raised £56.00

Raffle raised £224.50.

With an additional £40.00 for the rug that was auctioned.








Christmas Dinner Dance 10/12/11

We held our annual Christmas  dinner dance once again at the Britannia Country park Hotel.

Those that  booked in to stay over started to arrive shortly before 15.00hrs,

 and had a good old natter before going to get changed for the dance.

In all we had 19 rooms booked.
 On entering the Lancaster suite 
quest were given a glass of Bucks Fizz, with 73 sat down having their meal,

 we had the usual envelope draw that raised £70.00
This was won by Mr. Birt Feltham.

After the meal we had a special quest with us Miss Gabrielle Wyre  who sang several songs.

Later we had our normal raffle with this raising £391.00.

We also had another raffle due to Mr. Eric Reeves donating a camera this raised £344.00 

for the very good cause Help For Heroes.

Once all the raffles were finished then Jim the DJ got the quests up dancing the night away

All in all I think it was another very successful night.

Thanks to all who attended.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New year.