grenadier guards association Manchester

Grand National Draw 14/04.2012.

No         Horse                        Ticket     Name
01Synchronised00500Callon ( JA)
Ballabriggs00923Brian Cuerden
03Weird Al04658David  ( sustainable)
Neptune Collonges04628Karen Hughes ( true north )
05Calgary Bay04751Liz Venn
Alfa Beat00975N Davies  
Planet Of Sound02055D.A. Horner
08Black Apalachi03340B. Quinn
09Deep Purple04308M. Ayears.
11Chicago Grey02556V.Collins.
12Tatenen00986T. Davies.
13Sea Base02852Mick Caroll.
14Shakalakaboomboom03239J.P. Pesssagno.
15West End Rocker03411K.A.Reeves.
16According to Pete04332N. Cookson.
17On His Own01013P.Dawson.
18Always Right00929Brian Curdon.
19Cappa Blea02487Rose & Barry
20Rare Bob04696Margaret ( Creative )
21Organisedconfustion02882G Micah
22Treacle00253J. Brackenbridge
23The Midnight Club.04807Ian Rudge
24Mon Mome02884G Micah
25Arbor Supreme04792Nikki Kendall
26Sunnyhillbilly04705Sarah Dutton
27Killyglen02872G. Micah
28Quiscover Fontaine03296David  Pugh.
29Tharawaat04600P. Fallon
30Becauseicouldntsee04070B V Wilkinson
31State Of Play 04690Mike Williams
32Swing Bill04701Jake Smith
33Postmaster00998D. Darley
34Giles Cross02508F Knowles
35Midnight Haze00718J. Power
36Vic Venturi 04162F. Wright
37In Compliance04062Emma Wilkinson
38Viking Bond04833A. Dunn
39Hello Bud04231Emma Wakelin

Congratulations to the winners.

!st  Prize  400.00    no 4  Neptune Collonges  04628    Karen  ( True North )

2nd         200.00   no 26 Sunnyhillbilly         04705     Sarah Dutton 

3rd         150.00   no 13  Seabass                02852    Mick caroll.

4th         100.00   no  19  Cappa Bleu          02487   Rose & Barry.

Thanks to all who have sold and bought tickets.

Annual Dinner Dance

The support we received was fantastic, with 117 sitting down to dinner.
 Jack Dummer really did the business with 40 of his Golf club friends attending.
Birt Feltham and his family made up a party of 15.
Major Grant Baker the Regimental Adjutant, drove up from London and really 
entered into the spirit of the event. Major Baker gave us an informative update of the
 Battalions operations, spending a lot of time visiting members and there guests
at the tables. Assisting with the raffle tickets, take a credit Sir.
The food and service was excellent, in fact a good night was had by all.
Since changing venue to the The Country House Hotel we have appeared to 
have gone from strength to strength.  Many made a week end of it with 26 rooms booked,
long may it continue.  Aidy Bibby from True North, who provided the Lap Top Prize for 
the Colonel's Fund, which raised 500.00, have asked if we will keep him informed
of our activities as they would like to join us again.
Thank you for all your support.

Regimental Remembrance Day

Regimental Remembrance Day May 20th 2012.

We started off with 32 names but finished up with only 16 on a 45 seater coach.

 However those that did attend had a good week-end.

 Saturday evening we visited the Grenadier Club at Windsor,

 along with the Wigan and St Helen's branch.

 The Chapel was packed as always and the Parade probably the best we have had in years.

One young Grenadier who has just joined Nijamagen Company said to myself

 " If  I am as good as that  I will be happy ".  Not bad for old Fogies.