grenadier guards association Manchester

Grand National Draw  April 6th 2013


  Number Horse Ticket Name
 1      Imperial  Commander 0341 Ron Hilyard
 2 What  A  Friend 0796 Willy  (Fourways)
 3Weird  Al 4605 P  Turner
 4 Quel  Esprit 4399 J Hain
 5 Big Fella Thanks 3118 Mary wild
 6 Seabass 0787 Brian  ( Fourways)
 7 Roberto Goldback 0789 Brian  ( Fourways)
 8 Sunnyhill Boy 3268 Linda  T
 9 Ballabriggs 0330 G  Edge
 10 Teaforthree 4355 G  Micha
 11 Across the Bay 4574 T W Taylor
 12 Join Together 0074J Callan
 13 Colbert  Station4210  Tom ( D  Keegan)
 14 Forpadydeplaster 4437 W  Prescott
 15 On His Own 4213 Sarah
 16 Joncal 3197 Pat
 17 Balthazar  king 4196 Charlie  (  D Keegan)
 18 Cappa Bleu 3119 A  Walker
 19Oscar  Time 0797 I  Clarkson
 20 Always Waining 4008 D Harper
 21 Tatenen 0604 D Pugh
 22 Treacle 0783 Ian  ( Lamars)
 23 Lost  Glory 0799 Helen M 
 24Swing  Bill 4692 Sally  Smith
25  Saint Are 0044 John  Bullocks
 26 Chicago Grey4091  D  Horner
 27 Quiscover  Fontaine4498  Mike  Robins
 28Rare  Bob  3110 Mike  Bradshaw
 29 The Rainbow Hunter 4426 Power
 30 BecauseIcouldntsee 0251 D Dunn
 31 Harry The viking 0912 
 32 Mr Moonshine 0777 
 33 Mumbles Head 4747 Norma  Fish
 34 Ninetieth  Minute  4425 Power
 35 Auroras  Encore 4529 A  Saddington
 36 Tarquinius0324  G Edge
 37 Any  Currency4219 Gina  Hill 
38 Major Malarkey  0717 Martin
 39 Soll 0659 Jordan  Reeves
 40 Viking  Blond 4609 P  Turner

  Winning  Tickets

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Number Horse Ticket Name Prize
 35 Auroras  Encore 4529 A  Saddington £400.00
18  Cappa  Bleu 3119 A  Walker £200.00
10  Teaforthree 4355 G  Micha £150.00
19  Oscar  Time 0797 Ian  Clarkson £100.00



 Congratulations  to the above winners.   Thank you for all your continuing support  this is most appreciated by the Branch. 











              Association Centenary Dinner Dance.


  The evening commenced with the Corps of Drums Beating Retreat at 18.00 hrs what a great display they put on. 

  A credit to the Regiment and themselves, both on and off  parade .Fortunatly the sun shines on the rightous so the

  reception drinks were served  on the terrace, giving people the chance to mingle and have photo's taken with the members of the  Drums.  

  The Country House  laid on an excellent meal,  Melon, Cream of Veg Soup, Roast beef with all the trimmings,

  Apple Strudle and Custard,

  Cheese and Biscuits, Tea  or  Coffee with mints and half bottle of wine per head.  

  Colonel  Richard Winstanley brought us up to date with the Regiments activities and very good he was too.  

  Ivor, Bob and Tony proposed the toasts.

  The envelope draw  raised £338.00 and the raffle  nearly £600.00.  Jim our resident DJ laid on music to suit everybody,

   again the Drums came to the fore really enjoying themseves on the dance floor and entertaining the whole of the room.

  The young ladies  were certainly inpressed, as were are guests who included as already mentioned.

  Col  Richard  Winstanley, The Lord Mayor of Manchester, The Lady Mayoress  and Major Andy Green Gen Sec and Treasurer of the ASSN.

  A comment from the Lord Mayor" its the first time I have been drawn into folding raffle tickets but what a great night".

  All in all a very sucessful and enjoyable evening  thanks to all who attended. 






















































































 Regimental  Remberance Day   19th May 2013


 Although numbers were low, with only 16 traveling we enjoyed an excellent week-end.

The hotel rooms and food were good,

the weather mild and fine.  Four of us were fortunate enough to have a chat with the Colonel.

The band and Corps of Drums were on top form, its surprising how the years roll away once they strike up

 bent backs straighten and shoulder go back. All in all a very enjoyable week-end.

 With the wine flowing freely, along with a pint or tree.

The journey home was mared by heavy traffic getting out of London,

it took us two hours to hit the motorway, poor Mike Tarkenter was driving.

 Well done to all who attended. 





 Grenadier Day   Buckingham  Palace   26th June 2013.


 Some 140 members, Hon members and their ladies from Manchester Branch attended this wonderful event.

Her majesty had a busy afternoon with the inspection of Queens Company, presenting New Colours to Nijmagen,

and a walk about at the Garden party.

The occasion was only mared by the absence of the Colonel, we wish him a speedy recovery.

Even the coach drivers were Ex Grenadiers, Mike Tarkenter and Frank Ashton.  Thanks lads for a job well done.