grenadier guards association Manchester

    Grand  National Draw  2014


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                     Grand National   

                         Sweepstake Draw

          Horse            Ticket No      Name

1.      Tidal Bay                        4113                 Tony J.

2.      Long Run                       2837                 G. Hickey

3.     Hunt Ball                         3451                 Allison

4.    Triolo D’Alene                  4196                 M. Tarkenter

5.    Rocky Creek                    3979                 Leanne

6.    Quito De La Roque          2292                 Kate Byrne

7.    Colbert Station                4184                Joshua Cording

8.    Walkon                           3242                 Jen Brodie

9.    Balthazar King                  3710                 R. Burgess

10.  Wayward Prince              4216                 Janet Morgan

11.  Mr. Moonshine                3845                 Debbie Groome

12.  Teaforthree                   4083                  P. Dobson

13.  Across the Bay               2310                  J.A. Callan

14.   Double Seven               4033                  Ben Barnett

15.   Battle Group                 3307                  D. Pugh

16.    Buckers Bridge             3265                  J.P. Pessagno

17.    Lion Na Bearnai             3211                  P. Keen

18.   Prince de Beauchene     3495                  T.W. Taylor

19.   Monbeg Dude                2908                 J. Hoskison

20.    Big Shu                        2845                Mrs. J. Hicklin

21.    Burton Port                  4114                 Eunice J.

22.    Our Father                    2555                 E. Done

23. Mountainous                    2122                 J.A. Bartlett

24. The Rainbow Hunter        4002                 Brian (4 Ways house)

25.   Vintage Star                  3933                 J. O’Neil

 26. Chance Du Roy               2219              J. Brackenridge

27. Hawkes Point                   4084               P. Dobson

28. Kruzhlinin                         3458               Mavis T.

29. Pineau De Re                   2181              J. Birtles

30. Golan Way                       3838               Jenny Wakelin

31. Twirling Magnet                3485               J. Taylor

32. Vesper Bell                       2885               A. Teeling

33. The Package                    3555                Sue James

34. Raz De Maree                   4010                Mike Williams (4 Ways)

35. Rose of the Moon             2113                S. Baron

36. Shakalakaboomboom         2553                 E. Done

37. Alvarado                           4089                Tony J.

38. Last Time D’Albain             2657                 B. Gorton

39. One in a Milan                   4022                 P. Smith  (café)

40. Swing Bill                          3972                Watson floor 2





                               No       Horse                Ticket         Name
 1st       £400.00     29      Pineau de Re       2181      J. Birtles     
 2nd     £200.00       9      Balthazar King     3710       R. Burgess
 3rd       £150.00      14     Double Seven      4033       Ben Barnett 
 4th       £100.00     37     Alvarado              4089        Tony J.  
               Congratulations to the winners 


 Thank you all who bought and sold the tickets for the branch,
                your help is much appreciated. 
   Branch visit to Bruges 22 to 26th September 2014
  Monday 22nd  was taken up in travel  14 members and  their ladies being picked up from Heywood, Rochdale, Swinton Manchester and Stockport.
 Fortunately  we had a good crossing and made good time.
 Tuesday 23rd  we visited Tyne Cot Cemetery a very moving and emotional  experience, we then proceeded  into Ypres its self. 
In the evening we attended the Menin Gate Ceremony laying on a Standard party consisting of  5 members of the Branch.
 A wreath was laid on behalf of the Manchester Association.  Returning to the hotel about 22.00 hrs. were we proceeded to drink the brewery dry.

Wednesday 24th  we visited Waterloo its self having a tour of the Wellington museum,  then on to the farmhouse which is under reconstruction ready for the 200
anniversary of Waterloo next year, again a very moving experience.
 We then returned to Bruges to visit the Guild which Andy Green had managed to arrange for us at short notice, with Patrick the King of the Guild.  We received a very  warm welcome from Patrick and  Sebastian and the house keeper it was a great privilege  to actually visit where the Regiment was formed.
Thursday 25th  It was decided that the visit to Mons that had been planned would have to wait till are next visit,
because most people wanted the opportunity  to look round Bruges its self.
In the Evening we all went for a meal together where the Regiment was toasted and a very good evening was had by all. 
Saturday 26th  Unfortunately we had just missed the 11.30 ferry then had to wait until 14.30  for the next.  This making it a very late finish for the trip.
   12th December 2014   Christmas Dinner  Dance
   What a good night with 96 members and quests sat down to dinner,
   Our new President Rick Kitchen and his good lady Linda joined us for the first time.
  The chuckle brothers Jim Parry and Jeff Johnson did the raffle for the first time.  
  All in all a successful evening.  Thank you all for your continuing support.
  We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all.