grenadier guards association Manchester

 Grand National    April  9th  2016

The  Names of members/ friends  who  had drawn a  horses
 for the Grand National today.

 The  Names of members/ friends
 who  had drawn a  horses

 for the Grand National today.



  1.    J. Oxley Many clouds

 2.      R. Jenkinson   Silviniaco Conti

3       Mrs. Hayes     First Lieutenant

4       D. Daley         Wonderful Charm

5      Irene              Halton Ballynagour

 6     Non Runner

 7. D. Harper          Gilgamboa

 8. Grundy               On His Own

 9 .Mrs. A. Jackson   The Druids Nephew

10. L. Talbot            Triolo D'Arlene

11. G. Beckley      Rocky Creek

 12. J. Power       Sir Des Champs

 14. G.L. Wilkinson   Shutthefrontdoor

 15. W. Whittles       Soll

16.S. Baron          Buywise 

17. J. Hicklin         Boston    Bob

18. H. Hardicre            Aachen

 19. T. Robertshaw     Morning Assembly

 20. A. Marshall        Double Ross

 21. D. Feltham      Goonyella

 22. D. Halton        Ucello Conti

 23. B. Shallcross    Unioniste

 24. R&E Jones      Le Reve

25. R. Fallon        Gallant Oscar 
 26. M. Cottrell     Onenightinvienna

27.T.W. Taylor    The Last Sumuri 

28. A. Hughes     Kruzhlinin

29. L. Tarkenter     Rule the World

 30. Amy Teeling    Just a Par

31. D. McCauly     Katenko

 32. R. Kitchen    Vics Canvas

 33. K. Coburn    Black Thunder

 34. J. Burrage     Ballycasey

 35. N. Fish       Hadrians Approach 

36. G. Edge Vieux Lion Rouge

37. P. Wakelin Pendra

38. P. Fallon Saint Are

 39. P. Green Home Farm

 40. A. Marshall The Romford Pele



   Well done for drawing a Horse.
 And the winners are

 1st ticket 3130 Lynda Tarkenter £400

, 2nd 1271 T.W. Taylor £200,

 3rd 1121 Rick Kitchen £150

 4th 2683 Mr, D. Harper £100.

 Congratulations to one and all, cheques will be in the post.