grenadier guards association Manchester

It is with great sadness and regret that I must report the death of 2621922 H G  Gardner who passed away peacefully on the 10th January in wythenshawe  hospital  Herbert, who preferred to be called Geoff.
 was our oldest member at 95 years old and served though out WW2 in both the 3rd
and 6th battalions. His funeral will be at  the small chapel Southern Cemetery crematorium, Manchester.  At 11.30 on Tuesday 19th January.


  All meetings  now are being held on the first Wednesday 

     of  the month at Longsight and social club. Kirkmanshulme Lane  Longsight.

   commencing at 8pm. 









The funeral of our chairman Ivor Williams will take place on Monday 27th October 2014 at St. Andrews church,

Chadwick Road, Eccles, M30 0NZ at 1300hrs. then onto Peel Green Crematorium M30 7LW at 1420hrs.

No flowers please but donations can be made to either RBL or Manchester  Grenadier Guards  Association. 


I served in the 1st and 2nd Battalions, training at Caterham,
then at Chelsea Barracks,
 I went from Chelsea out to Cyprus to join the 2nd Battalion,
 from Cyprus to LLanethly Barracks in Hubblewrath Germany,
 many of you should remember me as Sgt Robbo P.T.I no 4 Coy
if any of you Ladies and Great Gentlemen,
wish to visit my Mates WebSite
you will be absolutely surprised at what Photographs
 he has placed on there My Mates name is Jim Hobbins,
I am also in contact with Choppy John Copestake,

 as some of the lads think they have to purchase photos...:-


I repeat, if anyone wants a copy of any photo in my collection
just ask me, tell me what you want.

I do NOT charge, NOT buy photos from the web site,
despite what it says there....

Just let me know what you would like and I,ll
send by e-mail....

I am always happy to hear from any Grenadier, and,
 for anyone who is not aware of the collection of Grenadier photos.
..go to-
please feel free to contact Jim or myself always
 Great to hear from a true Grenadier Tony Robinson (Robbo)

  Veterans  application 

          Personnel and Training – Defence Services Secretary - Commemorations
           Floor 6 Zone

 Ministry of Defence

    Main Building



Tel. 0207218302    Main Building


Pers Trg-DS Sec-Commem Aug1 @mod.u

Tel. 02072183029





Dear Sir/Madam




In conjunction with events to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Normandy landings, the Government of France

has advised the Ministry of Defence that it wishes to award the Legion d’Honneur to all surviving veterans;

not only of the landings, but also the wider Battle for Normandy;

the Invasion of Provence (Operation Dragoon); the Liberation of Paris and the Liberation of France.


Any veterans, not only troops that landed, but also Royal Navy and Royal Air Force personnel who operated in support of the landings,

who have not already received this award from the French Government,

or have not been identified to take part in award ceremonies during the events in Normandy,

are invited to submit their details to this office, providing the information requested in the form overleaf. 

In the section headed “reasons justifying the proposal”, brief details should be given of service in France.


We will forward consolidated lists of potential recipients to the French Embassy for further consideration.


We are at present unable to give any details of timings,

although the normal French clearance procedures take some months;

nor arrangements for the presentation of the awards.


Please include your address and contact det



 After many years of being in the wilderness  President wise we at last  have an appointment of Lt Col  Rick Kitchen MBE.
 Attended his first meeting last night, Rick certainly seems as though he will be a very pro active President.
 Mick Cottrell took the chair for the first time all in all a very successful  evening.


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